Who's that girl?

She does science

I'm a researcher at Northern Arizona University where I study the geology of the Martian surface.  My work involves the use of satellite data and data from the Curiosity rover.  

Previously I have studied lunar samples (brought back by the Apollo astronauts), Mars meteorites (found in Antarctica), and impact-generated rocks from meteor craters on Earth.  

I also just love to do science all the time.  I have a microscope at home where I like to observe critters, mold, biological specimens, and whatever else might look cool at 1000x. 

She likes to give back

I love to volunteer.  I'm in the Coconino County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team, I am a big sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and participate in various classroom outreach efforts both in Flagstaff and around the country (e.g., Letters to a Pre-Scientist, Skype a Scientist, NAU's Full Steam Ahead).  I'm interested in and motivated by people who in their own way try to make the world a better place. 

She's a girl on the go

I'm not gonna lie- I'm a go-getter.  While I love a day on the couch every now and again, my default mode is doing something active.  I love hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking and general exploring (to name a few). I like challenges (both physical and mental).  I like new and interesting things and places where there aren't a lot of people (e.g., I will not join you on Fatman's Loop unless we're there to do some trail maintenance).  

A bit more than you asked for

I've been simultaneously described as intense and chill. 

  • You can often find me on the couch reading before or after work but you may also notice that I read a book about every five days.  

I am driven and I won't let people hold me back.  

  • My dad says I don't let people catch up to me but I think I just haven't found a person that can (and wants to).  

I love to think about hard topics.

  • We will discuss issues in modern society and what our role is in fixing them, if there is one.  

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Some quotes

"You will do something that makes you uncomfortable but then you will do it again cause it's fun"

-Anonymous Reviewer

"Jenni's humor is more dry than a Martian sauna.  But guys, don't worry, it's confirmed, there's plenty of moisture on this heavenly body"

-Zachary Christensen, partner at Birdman Canyon Studios

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